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How Do I Know I Need Therapy?

Why Therapy? Therapy is becoming much more accepted in society than ever before. You might be starting to ask yourself if therapy is something you need. Here are just a few signs in which therapy could be helpful to you.

If you experience yourself having behaviors that you can't seem to understand. You might be in a relationship where your partner points something out in you, and your curious about why you do that. This does not always have to be an extreme behavior, it can be minor but creates curiosity. Therapy is a great way to explore parts of yourself that you might not of understood before. You are in an environment where someone is trained to listen and help you figure out why you do what you do. If there are behaviors or thoughts you would like to change, a therapist has the tools to work with you on doing that. Maybe that is exploring childhood experiences or processing through difficult events throughout your life.

Another sign may be experiencing feelings of shame or guilt. These feelings can be overwhelming and create negative beliefs about ourselves. Perhaps there is an event that you cannot seem to shake off, or a topic that you consistently tend to avoid discussing. You may have a Traumatic experience that you told yourself "its fine, I'm over it", but never truly talked about it. These can be another reason you seek out therapy, to help go to the places we are afraid to go to alone. To have that safe person to start addressing things that felt too scary before and now seems to keep popping up.

Anxiety is something that seems to make its way through all of us from time to time. For some it may put you into a panic. If you feel that your anxiety gets to a point where you feel out of control, have difficulty breathing, experience panic attacks or find yourself avoiding situations, therapy can be your next step to identifying what is going on underneath and get to a place where life does not have to feel so overwhelming.

There could be many more signs/symptoms you are experiencing that is making you curious about therapy. I always encourage people to lean in to understanding themselves more and learn more about why you do what you do. Humans are all so unique and our stories are all different, it is a fascinating journey to start learning about what makes you you and what may be getting in the way of being your most authentic self.


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